IDUN Minerals

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IDUN Minerals is a Swedish brand of mineral makeup, based on purified minerals. Its brand commitment is to use the very purest and cleanest ingredients to help skin look its healthy best.

IDUN Minerals was launched in 2011 as a brand exclusively for sale in Swedish pharmacies. These pharmacies are committed to providing only products that meet their high quality and health standards.

What makes IDUN Minerals unique is the extreme purity of its minerals. This purity works with all skin types and is the reason so many consumers with sensitivities use IDUN Minerals. Of course, mineral pigments can also be rich in color, which is why IDUN offers a full range of color cosmetic products.

All IDUN Minerals products are created by a team of Swedish scientists. Sweden is known for technology, design, female empowerment, beauty and healthy living.

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