• Why Choose Natural & Organic Products When Caring for Baby?


    When women reach pregnancy and motherhood, it’s often the time when they begin to think about what they are putting both in and on their bodies. It’s usually the time in life when they who make a switch to natural and organic products, or so we hope!

  • Why Choose Natural and Organic Fragrance?


    Breast Cancer Awareness Month is upon us, and so our attention will be focused on the potential chemical nasties in deodorants, such as aluminium and parabens. What we often don’t think about is the hidden dangers of synthetic chemicals in our colognes, eau de toilettes and perfumes.

  • Best Skincare Practice for the Autumn and Winter Months


    Autumn is definitely here, and with winter fast approaching, it can be a trying time for us and our skin.

  • Post Summer Hair Repair Clinic


    In the summertime, our hair can be damaged by the sun and sea as well as the all-year round causes such as heat styling and friction.

  • Natural Remedies For Staying Well This Winter!


    Winter is traditionally known as the cold and flu season, but what is the reason behind this? It's down to a number of external factors.

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