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  • Laura Jane Sessions, London

    I have been using L'Homme Organic 24hr Intensive Cream on the presenters and studio guests with whom I work with most regularly. It's nourishing, non-greasy formulation has been commented on positively by the guys and is much appreciated after a day wearing make-up under tv studio lights.
    Laura Jane Sessions, Organic Makeup Artist
    2016-01-11 08:05:16
  • Angela Beckett, Darlington

    I haven't tried many organic products so I thought I might as well give them a try and see how they perform!
    The first item I picked out was this Green Energy Organics Eau de Toilette in the scent Harvest of Wild Violets, I love violet notes in perfumes so I thought a straight-up, completely violet perfume would make a nice change!
    Firstly let's be vain and judge the looks of this product, I really like it!
    I think it's subtle and simple, it looks in-keeping with the organic theme to me somehow.
    The scent is straight up like sticking your face into a bunch of violets! I really like it, I sometimes find with these organic, floral fragrances that they don't last long but this one lingers really well on my skin, and even longer on my clothes. 
    This is definitely a Summer fragrance, but this brand also do a vanilla scent which I think would be lovely for the colder months.
    £13.95 for 50ml of product is really good, this will last me for a long time and I'm definitely going to check out the other scents, I think they'd made good gifts too because they look more expensive than they actually are.
    Discover more: http://www.beautyandtherest.co.uk/2015/09/green-energy-organics-wild-violets-eau.html
    2015-11-03 08:15:36
  • Hayley Walker, Leeds

    The stand out of the bunch is this eye cream for me (Eye and Lip Serum - La Recolte des Fruits). It’s a really lightweight cream that sinks in to the skin so beautifully, not only that but you only need a teeny tiny little pump to cover both under eye areas. This is perfect for morning use as it really hydrates my under eye area, which stops the area looking drier when I put powder over my concealer. The ingredients also stop my eyes from looking quite so puffy of a morning, which is always a bonus, as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles… Even better when aging is a concern like it is for me.

    Discover more: http://www.teapartybeauty.com/2015/08/a-new-favourite-green-energy-organics.html/

    2015-08-25 14:36:23
  • Hayley Walker, Leeds

    As soon as I opened this hair mask (Hair Conditioner Mask - La Recolte des Fruits)  I wanted to pull out a spoon and start eating, it has a beautiful fruity berry scent. This feels so thick and rich and my hair loves it. After applying this to the bottom third of my hair I wrap my hair in a towel and leave it on for about an hour or so, I then wash it out and my hair is left feeling so silky and soft – yet not flyaway. I have been using this for a couple of weeks once a week and my hair really is starting to feel softer and for longer too.

    Discover more: http://www.teapartybeauty.com/2015/08/a-new-favourite-green-energy-organics.html/

    2015-08-25 14:35:56
  • H. Strand, London

    Last night I finally got round to trying out the Quick Lift Therapy Anti Age Lift Effect Face Mask from Green Energy Organics.....Now you ‘ll forgive me for being a little cynical but I wasn’t expecting much and was really just waiting to be able to take the thing off and get to bed. But when the time was up and the  ask came off easily with no messy residue I touched my face and….it felt like someone else’s skin! Like the softest velvet and so firm and when I looked in the mirror at my nose to mouth lines they had softened significantly and on the right size there wasn’t a line at all! What?? This was so crazy!  I just have to say that this is the best mask I have ever tried. I cannot recommend it highly enough. You have to try this now and don’t waste time umming and ahhing about it. Do it now!

    2015-08-21 10:10:00
  • Christina F, Exeter

    I love using the totally natural organic and very effective products from Green Energy Organics in Milan, Italy. I really recommend them. The Eco Bio Shampoo and Shower gel makes your skin feel so soft and your hair too. It is used by all our family; a little goes a long way. This product can be used with either sea water or tap water so is ideal to take to the beach or to go sailing with, knowing that Green Energy Organics products are ‘Ocean-friendly’. Also, their packaging is biodegradable.

    2015-01-05 10:57:28
  • E. Aust, Oxford

    I absolutely love Green Energy Organics! What a great achievement to have beauty products that really work magic on your face skin and hair, have a beautiful smell and texture, and are totally organic. Thank you!

    2014-07-23 06:59:07
  • Oksana D., Oxford

    I have been using Green Energy Organics products for 3 years now. For me, this is a real anti-ageing breakthrough for organic beauty products. I tried most organic brands in UK and always end up ordering Green Energy. It works quickly with immediate results and feeling of slight face lift and, I love their eye serum.

    2014-07-18 15:45:36